Friday, January 20, 2012

The One about the Hooker

I called my sister the other day and said, "Yo, Hooker!"  She kept talking..saying about three more words and then she stopped suddenly and said, "Did you just call me a Hooker?"  We laughed.  The kind of laugh that only we understand. It was seriously a conversation of a couple of words then laughter...more words...more laughter.  This went on for about 30 minutes.  The words in between the laughter were really nonsense...all revolving around "Hooker".  It was divine!

The night before Andrew and I had been watching some goofy new sitcom (that I'm too embarrassed to mention) and a teenage girl was calling another teenage girl "Hooker".  To me..this was hilarious.  Andrew...not so much.  But I instantly knew that my sister (aka Hooker) would love it!  Andrew thinks we're weird.

This is the exact reason I'm glad I have two boys.  Having a sibling (and one that's the same gender) is one of the most amazing things and I love having my Hooker.  She gets me..when no one else does.  I hope the boys can call each other some terrible name and find it funny some day...even when no one else does.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The One with the Pajamas.

My husband travels.  Not a lot but every few weeks.  Working full time and getting the boys ready for daycare can sometimes be a challenge.  Today...was smooth sailing!  I love when that happens.  But part of the reason...Pajama/Pizza party.


Jonah Bologna's class had a pajama/pizza party today.  He wore his pj's in.  LOVE!

I think every day should be pajama party day.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The One about being a lazy blogger

I dream of blogging.

I dream of sewing. Of crafting...(the cool kind). Of painting.  Of creating. Of cleaning..(yes, cleaning).

But I don't actually do any of the above.  I want to.  But right now I work...about 40 hours a week.  And I have two of the sweetest blonde boys..that I take care of and miss terribly while I work.

So all of the things that I dream about are on hold.  Even this blog.  But some day....