Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hard One

Sometimes things are hard.  But I do them anyway.

I read a lot of blogs.  Mommy blogs, house decorating blogs, cooking blogs...lots of blogs.  A lot of people talk about doing things that are really difficult.  Some worse than others.  Two of my favorites are about Down Syndrome and death.  I like to read about how people have puts my life into perspective.  I have it good.  I mean REALLY good.  Two beautiful boys.  Loving husband.  Great parents.  Amazing sister.  Lots of loving family members.  And truly good friends.  I'm very blessed.

But I still do things that are hard.  Like waking up at 4a because someone has to potty and still won't get out of bed by himself.  And not going back to sleep..but instead getting ready for the day and working about 8 hours and then another 2-3 when I get home.  Like wrestling a 16 month old to change a poopy diaper with one leg over him while answering the 3 year old's very important question of "why is the carpet gray?" and fighting with the dog for the poopy diaper.  Like cooking a healthy dinner for a house filled with testosterone while trapping children in the tv room only to find Jonah escaped and is pulling the cat's tail.  Like working out every day so that I can set a good example of health and fitness.  It's all very hard.  But I do it anyway.  You want to know why.....because cleaning up the poopy diaper from the dog and the carpet is even harder!  ;)