Sunday, December 9, 2012

The One with a Little Messy Marvin

It's inevidable.  We're at a restaurant and we sit down to eat and Max has to go potty.  EVERY.  TIME.  It's especially fun when it's just me and the boys.  On this occasion I put Jonah into the stroller and left our food walked toward the bathrooms only to realize that there were stairs and I had the stroller.  So we went back to our table and I got Jonah out along with the diaper bag.  And we walked up the stairs only to realize that the bathrooms were closed.  We could go to the bathroom in the mall. Back at the table and I put Jonah back in the stroller and handed him his cup of milk with a straw.  I started packing up the food and look over at Jonah with the straw in his mouth and the cup tipped all the way back.  Milk flowing all over his face, neck, shirt, pants...everywhere.  Until it was empty.  Then he looked at me and caught his breath and said "Molk".  Yeah buddy...that was milk.

Off to the bathroom and fortunately I had just bought some clothes for the boys.  I changed Jonah into a new shirt and a new diaper...but I didn't buy pants.  So there we were walking through the mall with no pants on Jonah while he ate his burger.

Good times.