Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The One with the traveling and moving.

So the last few weeks have been a whirl wind.  It began early on a Monday when the movers showed up before we were ready.  I'm not even sure we were dressed...I just remember my sister putting on clothes in the living room with men walking in and out.  We got the boys up and ready and sister took them to the zoo for the day.  (She's my sister not The Hooker when she takes care of the boys!) :)  I thought the packers would be done quickly...but I don't think anyone realized how much stuff we have.  We also had the closing that day.  My sister had taken my ID to get into the zoo on our family pass and at some point I realized I would need that at the closing.  I thought about getting my passport but it was in the safe and the key was at the hotel that we were staying at.  She put the boys in the car and met us at the closing to hand off my ID.  Shew.  Crisis averted.

When she left, I knew she would be sad but I powered through...but I think she saw Andrew and they both said goodbye in tears. 

We spent the night in the hotel and heading back to the house to meet the movers.  They loaded the truck which again took all day long.  I took the boys to a playground then we met up for lunch and then drove around during nap time.  We were feeling a bit homeless at this point so we called Billie and Willow for a playdate.  We enjoyed the cool air and a birthday cupcake.

We went back to the house and met up with Catelyn and she brought over her vacuum and finished up at the house. The house was empty.  I had never seen it this way.  Andrew bought the house before we met.  I wasn't in love with it...but it was still where our first kiss was, where we made our babies, where we brought them home.  A lot had happened in that house.  Lots of family and friends and lots and lots of love.  But still I was ready to move on to our new adventure.  We said a big goodbye and headed back to the hotel.

The next morning was a scramble to get Hugo to the airport first.  His flight was at 7a.  Ours was 10ish.  We got everything together and made it to the airport and AMB met us there to take our car back.  It was a little teary but not too bad.

And after a few delay's....we were off the ground.  Shew.  But the crazy had just started....

to be continued....