Friday, June 10, 2011

The First One.


I was single for a very long time.  I lived alone for many years.  I think I needed that break.  See, I grew up in a house full of people, animals and lots of love.  I have two older brothers and an older sister.  And my parents which made a total of six.  During my childhood, we had a rabbit, a bird, a hermit crab, a mouse/rat, a few cats and several dogs.  Oh wait..some ducks too.  

When I was 19, I moved out with 2 other girls and a cat named Puppy.  We had several other cats along the way.  And 2-3 other girls in and out of that apartment.  After about 4 years, I was finally on my own.  And boy was I ever excited.

For 12 years, I lived alone.  It was fun and exciting.  It was a needed break, I think to find myself.  And ironic enough, after about 8 years I realized I wanted a loud house.  That was what was normal to me.

I met my husband 6 years ago.  And we currently have a crazy house.  Two boys.  An almost 3 year old and a 9 month old.  A cat and a dog…(these two are on a mission to make our house as crazy as possible)! 

And it's going to get even more crazy!  We're (hopefully) adding on 1500 sq feet to our house.  And it's an adventure that I'm really excited about. 

We have our house plans.  Which took about a year to finalize.  Tomorrow we're meeting with a bank.
I'll keep you posted!

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