Friday, March 2, 2012

The One about Poop

I was reading another friendly blog and they were discussing poop.  So I thought I'd share my funny poop story.

Last year for Memorial Day we went to Andrew's mom's in Western New York.  We took some flowers to the cemetery and planted them around Andrew's father's and grandfather's grave.  It was the first time I had been there and it was a very nice day to share with every one.  We got some great photos.
Max and his grandfather's headstone.

Max and his great grandfather's headstone.

I had just finished a three day potty training weekend with Max in April.  He was a champ.  And I swear by this method.  It's amazing.  We had very few accidents and was into underwear at the end of the weekend.  Anyway, he was still getting used to telling us about going potty and had never gone outside.  Here we are at the cemetery and he tells us he has to potty.  So Andrew takes him over to the field near by and he goes number one.  It went pretty well considering he'd hadn't stood up to pee and had never peed outside.  He then goes about playing in the cemetery.  Running around, hiding behind headstones and your general screaming that a 2 1/2 year old does.  Then all of a sudden we hear a blood curling scream coming from behind a tall headstone.  "MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYY"  This is what we see next!

That's shear terror on his face!

He couldn't quite tell us what was going on and then he stood right in front of me and I hear a huge know the sound.  Like your insides are going to just explode.  And right there we all knew what was next.  Brown, liquid poo...squirting, oozing down his legs.  Poor little Max was crying.  He couldn't stop it.  He had no idea what to do.  Actually none of us knew exactly what to do.  All I have to say is thank God for baby wipes!

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