Monday, July 30, 2012

The One with the Night Out

The Hooker and I are close.  She comes up and helps with my boys and they love her.  She's like a sister wife...but better because we don't share a man.

But recently I was trying to help her out.  Trying to find her a date.  It was a memorable evening with the Hooker and her best friend, Susan.

Photo bombers in the back! :)

So we were in our hometown in West Virgina and we saddled up to the bar.  I was chatting up the guy next to me...but he was with someone so I didn't think much about him.  He later told me that she was just a friend.  He had dark, curly hair and a beard.  Both had specks of gray.  He was nice, funny and charming...even if he was totally decked out in 80's gear.  Dress shorts, pin striped button down which I believe had a big RL or Polo logo on it and brown loafers..with no socks.  But I had hope.  Clothes and hair you can fix.  

We continued chatting about my husband and kids and his daughter.  He asked me about The Hooker.  I told him she was definitely single.  He was interested.  She was interested.  And so they began chatting.  And his sister's were there pimping him out.  We were discussing the high school he attended so I asked what year he graduated.  He said '83.  My sister and I looked at each other and it was like a choir was in the background singing HALLELUJAH!  We almost immediately said.."you look good"...our math may have been off since Hooker looked liked this:

But I was certain he was older than us!  He told us his sister was 28 and I said.."wow big age gap there" and he agreed and said..."long story".  We proceeded with the chatting.  And we also chatted with the photo bombers.  They were hilarious!

At some point Susan was talking with his sister and then the wispering started.  He looked at me and asked what was going on.  I had no idea.  Finally Hooker told me he was BORN in '83!  She was out of there so fast.  He said, "she's not going to talk to me again is she?"  I said..ah No!  And you don't look so good for 29!  LOSER! ( I didn't say those last two things until we left!)

Regardless, we had a good time.  Such a good time that we ended the night at Taco Bell at 2a...with a broken purse.

Good times...good times!

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