Friday, October 21, 2011

The One with the Possum.

We live in the city.  Not skyscrapers kinda city but suburbia kinda city.  Rows and rows of houses with small back yards all fenced in...all connecting to more fenced in back yards.  There's not a wooded lot even close to our house.

So last night as usual after the boys were in bed, me and the hubby were watching some TV and I let Hugo out.  It was cold, windy and rainy last night and Hugo does not like the rain!  So shortly after I let him out, he starts barking to come back in.  We try to be mindful of the neighbors...since we're so close.  I got up and called for him to come in.  Hugo had other ideas.  He would not stop barking and was jumping around one particular area.  I told Andrew that he found something.  We both went to get our shoes.  We walked out to the patio and this is what we saw.


Hugo killed a possum!  What?!  He's never killed anything...not that he hasn't tried.  I think he tries to kill Bella all the time.

Just about that time...I see a little, tiny movement.

Mr. Possum gives us this look.

Double Yikes!!

What do I do?  Run into the house. :)  We try to get Hugo to come in too but he's so not having it. Andrew is running around trying to get Hugo into the house without getting Mr. Possum too upset.  Andrew yells...get the treats...the treats!!  I fetch a couple Hugo treats and comes Hugo.  Now he thinks he's getting rewarded for his handy work.  Let's hope he doesn't actually kill the next creature in our backyard.

And just think, Andrew and Max were sleeping in their tent back there last Saturday.  I like my bed even more.

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