Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The One with the China

Ok.  I'm really wanting to make our house a little more functional.  We've been in a holding pattern for so long and I'm just ready to have a more finished house.  So I bought a china cabinet.  Our china has been in boxes in our basement since our wedding in 2007.


So we busted out the boxes and got all the china out.  I thought we were missing a few pieces...but I didn't think it was that many.  But it turns out we're missing one dinner plate, five salad plates, two bread and butter plates and three soup bowls.  So I looked them up online to purchase.  Macy's no longer carries it.  I did find it on another website and it's around $250 to complete the set.  At least the set we have started...still without mugs, platters, sugar and tea...and lots of other accessories.  So, I think we're going to try to sell it and buy something a little less expensive.   So for now..this is what we have.

It's a little sad.  :(  But I'll work on it.  We have lots of platters and accessories so I'm sure I'll have it filled soon.

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