Friday, April 6, 2012

The One where he tells the truth.

Andrew's mom and sister are in town for Easter and for AB's birthday.  He took the day off and they're all going to the zoo...or something fun.  So for me...I get to get up and have a somewhat relaxing morning getting ready for work.

Typically, I shower at work after I go to the gym at lunch.  I let my hair air dry and then put it in a pony tail.  My hair is almost always in a pony tail.  I wake up in the mornings and get the boys fed and ready for school while AB showers and gets ready for work.  Then I spend an entire 10 minutes brushing my hair, pulling it back in a pony tail, putting on make up and getting dressed and out the door we go.  I'm not really trying to impress anyone.

So this morning...I got to take a shower, SHAVE!!, blow dry my hair, actually style/curl my hair, put make up on and just generally fix myself up a bit.  I go downstairs and Max says..."hi mommy!"...then he looks up at me and says..."Is that you mommy?"  I laughed and he said "Is it...Is it you mommy?".  I said yes it's me Max.  Funny...maybe I should fix myself up more often so my children will recognize me.

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  1. OMG, Cathy that's hysterical! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. If you "fix" will they recognize you or not know you? Love that he knows and loves you just as you are each day. xo